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Bitmaster Online

What we do


We process payments, offering an unrecognisable name when purchasing credit bundles on various websites.


We operate over 13 platforms in several online entertainment niches.


We build unique online platforms for markets such as customer support, healthcare and online entertainment.

Some of our Platforms


Bitmaster Online is a marketing communication agency with a full-fledged team that strives to deliver functional designs and strategic digital solutions.

Our team consists of locals from the Netherlands and remote freelancers who are passionate about helping businesses grow online.

We believe that every service is unique and deserves a custom-built solution that satisfies their particular needs.


Bitmaster Online has built its reputation by delivering high quality. Professional solutions in a range of different industries and in different formats.

Our other services


Whether you are looking for a creative team for a project or a long-term partnership, Bitmaster Online has all the talent and experience needed to increase your marketing communication through all channels of print and digital media!


We are known for the development of consistent, coherent and accurate marketing tools. During the entire development process of your assignment, they each have their share in the corporate branding strategy.


Bitmaster Online is also specialized in e-commerce web design. We make the most beautiful designs for customers to promote their products in an online store.

What you can expect in every project

We take a tailored technique to building custom browser-based platforms, based upon your specific needs and requirements.

We can also take all the other hassle out of your hands, such as dealing with payments and the maintenance of your online platform.

From consultation to plan

The first call is normally a video call where we examine your needs and the requirements of your organisation.

If one of our platforms is a match for your company, we will then put together a plan with various service choices for you to look over and choose. No strings attached!

From plan to live platform

After the plan has been agreed on, we will get to building your product. Designing and prototyping leading to testing & quality inspections.

Your staff can be trained to use the platform best. We’ll do some flight checks and then onto the launch.

Your platform will go live and we will offer support for the future.


Contact us to find out the possibilities!

If you’re looking for an unique online platform that is customized to your needs, then you have come to the right place.

We have a team that can create any digital solution, both user-friendly and powerful.

Regardless of what your requirements are, we can create a service that fulfils them. We’d love to hear from you!

Contact us

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